Kelowna Moving Companies

Selecting a Kelowna Moving Companies

Moving is stressful if not done well and in an organized manner. Here is information on the ins and outs of the moving process and tips on packing.

  1. Verify the Kelowna moving companies you hire – it is important to know who you are dealing with their contacts, physical address or motor carrier numbers. You can also check ratings and reviews.
  2. Value your items or know the level of liability. Your mover should be responsible in case of damage or loss of items.
  3. Down payments – Some movers will ask for down payment or a good faith deposit. Do not make large down payments. Be cautious of those that ask for payment in advance.
  4. Take all the valuables like cash, jewelry, and photographs with you.
  5. Constant communication; Ensure you are reachable by phone and you and your mover have accurate communication.

Get professional Kelowna movers to help you move if your friends and family are unavailable or you have many items that need to be moved.

Moving Tips

6 Getting Estimates – no online or on phone guarantees. Get in-home estimates from potential movers. Written and signed estimates.Make a checklist with a timeline and budge

Packing Tips

  1. Pack early, take time and be patient so that you pack all your belongings. Depending on the items you have, start the packing process early.
  2. Make a packing list and get all the moving supplies you need
  3. Start packing the items you least need first, seasonal items like garden tools – They are easier to forget to so start with them first.
  4. Pack one room at a time. This ensures you stay organized. It makes it easier too when unloading.
  5. Host a garage sale, Declutter, Pawn off or give to charity old and unwanted items. There is also an option of selling online.
  6. Label the boxes you use with a maker, write the contents of each on the sides. You can use different color makers for every room.
  7. Put all heavy boxes on the bottom underneath the lighter boxes, to ensure no breakages.
  8. Dispose of all hazardous materials that may not be environmentally friendly.
  9. Do not exceed more than 30 pounds for a box. The boxes might not withstand too much weight when moving it.
  10. Pack the light items in the large boxes and the heavy items in small boxes.